Our goal is to bring more values including opportunity and knowledge to those children in the Western China.
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Our goal for HSHG projects is to bring more values including opportunity and knowledge to those children in the Western China.

Happy classroom project in Jiangsu province

Happy classroom project in Anhui province

Yizheng (仪征) City in Jiangsu province. There are some primary school with kids from 6-12 years old. Most of these children are living with grandparents since their parents are working in other city like Shanghai. They don’t need money donation but they need some one love them, play with them and growing up with them. HSHG will organize volunteers every quarter to visit primary schools in Jiangsu province to share more knowledge and happiness with those lovely children. Those children will also give you a big surprise in return definitely.

Two days on weekend.

07:00am on Saturday morning Departure from by cars
11:00am on Saturday Arrive at Yizheng City and have short lunch
afternoon on Saturday Share knowledge and games with students
evening on Saturday living in hotel at Yangzhou City
Morning on Sunday teamwork with students
13:00pm on Sunday Return to Shanghai


One-on-one program for children in Westen China

one-on-one program for children in west of ChinaHSHG has launched One-on-one projects since 2005. Schools give us the list of poor students or orphans. We let volunteers (normally from other cities) visit the Western China to collect more information about those families and to verify the information offered by schools. With our years’ standard process, volunteers will discuss and determine who will get chance to put their information on HSHG website. (We only put background and family story on website, neither private photos nor family member names. Only contributor who attends one-on-one project and has connection with this child could reach complete information). After HSHG picks the one-on-one contributor for this child, the contributor will transfer the funds to the contracted teacher and the teacher will deliver the cash to child every month to prevent poor family parents from occupying the funds.

We currently have Chinese one-on-one projects only on HSHG website. We suggest contributors to communicate with children by letters frequently. We therefore prefer Chinese people to help those children. If you really want to help those children please feel free to contact us via email.

Normal donation standard:
- Primary school student (小学生): RMB500 / year
- Junior school student (初中生): RMB1000 / year
- Senior school student (高中生): RMB2000 / year
* For some orphans or very poor family, we will indicate individual costs for each of them.


Voluntary family visiting activities to Westen China

(Only for Adults more than 25 years old)voluntary faily visiting activities to west of China

How to make sure the student information for one-on-one projects all real and accurate? We have voluntary family visiting project every year.

We do not have fixed schedule for family-visiting activities every year because all volunteers are from different cities in China. It will not be safe in summer to the Western China due to terrible rain season. Please check our forum and recent family-visiting plan.

All volunteers have to take interviews and trainings before you go to the Western China. All volunteers must buy insurance policy for your trip. All expense during family-visiting will be paid by volunteer themselves.

Family-visting time cost:

- To Anhui or Zhejiang: 2 days (weekend)
- To SuiNing City in Sichuan: 3 days
- To Shanxi (陕西): 5-7 days
- To XiChang City in Sichuan: 15+ days

Family visiting project is a good chance to know real life in the Western China.


Besides above 3 projects we also organize charity activities such as donate second hand clothes & books for children in the Western China.


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