Our goal is to bring more values including opportunity and knowledge to those children in the Western China.
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Founded in 2005, HSHG is a non-profit organization based on Shanghai and committed to help children in the Western China. Our basic project is one-on-one which to donate funds to those poor children in the Western China for completing their school education. We also have charity activity, Happy Classroom Project, to bring new knowledge and information to students.

Share love, gain happiness.


HSHG was founded by Elfreda Wang in 2005. Elfreda is a digital analyst of an international company now. She likes children, likes nature, and likes to smile. Almost every vacation would she go to the Western China to visit those lovely children and communicate with local teachers / schools on how HSHG could help them more effective & what children really need from us. Unfortunately, after a family-visiting in Shanxi province in 2010 she had a surgery on her right knee, the doctor warned her not to do any mountain climbing anymore. She really wishes YOU join this team to bring more happiness to the Western China. Personal website: www.elfself.net


All volunteers have their own formal jobs and serve HSHG in their spare time. All expense for charity activities are undertaken by volunteers themselves. We have specialists for each one-on-one project and also have project management team to organize different charity activities in China especially in Shanghai. Do simply what we can do, do what can bring us happiness and help others.


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